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How to speak up against stereotypes

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Learning how to speak up

What do you do if a colleague, friend or family member is the target of bias or a demeaning stereotype? What if you are the target?

Staying silent in the face of bias, stereotypes and demeaning comments or jokes permits these attitudes and behaviors to persist, thereby undermining our ability to create an inclusive community where everyone is welcomed and treated with respect.

OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts is a program designed to explore the impact of bias and stereotypes, explain why people don't speak up against bias and stereotypes, and help participants learn techniques for speaking up against bias and stereotypes without blame or guilt.

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Encouraging the silent bystander

Many people say they want to speak up when they see others stereotyped, disrespected, or demeaned, but they stand by silently because of discomfort or the fear of saying the wrong thing. They turn away thinking, “who am I to get involved, this isn't my business.” But as a bystander, you ARE part of the conversation. You are the audience. Your silence allows the disrespectful behavior to continue. Your silence hurts.

Ouch! Your Silence Hurts
challenges viewers by asking, "How will you personally respond next time you witness somebody being treated with disrespect?" In a powerful and compelling way, this 9-minute video motivates bystanders to use their voice to speak up for respect on behalf of someone else.

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About OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts:

"Finally, a video that shows the viewer exactly how to respond in moments of diversity-related tension! No blame, no guilt, no conflict - just practical, specific skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace. OUCH! is a must-have and a must-see for anyone seeking to create and sustain a respectful workplace."

Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.
Author, Making Diversity Work:
Seven Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace

"The Ouch Video is a great complement to our harassment training since many potential harassment situations involve those "not so obvious" stereotypical comments. As participants watched the video, we could see heads nodding in agreement that stereotypes still exist. Since rolling out the training, employees in all of our facilities across the U.S. are saying "ouch" to speak up against stereotypes."

Employee Relations Specialist
Fortune 1000 company

About Ouch! Your Silence Hurts:

"I have one word, Fabulous! This video gives real, gut-wrenching examples of individuals and situations. Most important, it challenges people and gives them the idea that they have the ability to confront stereotypes by showing them how. Ouch! Your Silence Hurts will be so helpful because most people want to do something but don't know what or how."

Anita Rowe, Ph.D. Partner Gardenswartz & Rowe
co-author, Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World