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Speaking up for respect

Two complete training programs, fully developed and ready to use

OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts

Staying silent in the face of demeaning comments, stereotypes or bias allows these attitudes and behaviors to thrive. This undermines our ability to create an inclusive workplace where all employees are welcomed, treated with respect and able to do their best work. Yet most people who want to speak up don't know how..... so they say nothing. This training program can help give your people the tools to speak up - without blame.

  • OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts can be used in any organization or group of people desiring to build and sustain a respectful and inclusive environment. This DVD/Video-based training program helps people build the confidence and skills to speak up when they hear stereotypes or other demeaning comments. Potential uses for OUCH! include training in the areas of:

    Teamwork, Communication, Diversity and Inclusion, Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership Development

Here's a flavor of what you'll see on the video:


She said to me, "Wow, you really have no accent for an Asian person. I didn’t know how to respond to this so I just said 'thanks.'"


When I hear these jokes I laugh, but inside I'm really hurting.


He ended the review by saying, “I think you’ve done really well, considering the hand you’ve been dealt.” I didn’t know how to respond to something like that.

I want to say something; but I don’t speak up because I don’t know how. 

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  • Ouch! Your Silence Hurts

    Many people say they want to speak up when they see others stereotyped, disrespected, or demeaned. But they stand by silently because of discomfort or the fear of saying the wrong thing. The silent bystander actually has the most power to make a difference. But the bystander has to speak up, they have to say something. Ouch is the easiest thing to say and it works!

    The Ouch! Your Silence Hurts training program is designed to be flexible. It can be used as a stand-alone workshop or incorporated into a broad range of development programs, such as:

    Teamwork, Communication, Coaching and Mentoring, Diversity and Inclusion, Change Agent Skills, Leadership Development, Bullying Prevention

    Here's a flavor of what you'll see on the video:


When I heard that I wasn't considered for promotion because of my so-called "image" I was pretty angry...


Why didn't you say something? I feel like I don't belong here.


I would say something if I felt comfortable in the group.

Speak up because your silence might mean you agree.

Watch a full preview. Click here.

A testimonial from the Anti-Defamation League:

The ADL's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute, a market leader in the development and delivery of anti-bias and diversity training and resources used by schools, universities, businesses, community organizations and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and abroad, has been actively using the OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts video with remarkable success. Not only is it being successfully utilized with our A WORKPLACE OF DIFFERENCE™ clients, but A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE™ and A CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCE™ participants have been benefitting from the OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts strategies demonstrated in the video as well.

OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts enables participants to heighten their awareness of bias and prejudice, allowing them to explore the broad range of stereotypes that are part of everyday conversation and their impact on the work environment. The six OUCH! How to Speak Up Against Stereotypes Strategies have been effective learning tools to increase participants' skills and provide the motivation to challenge such statements effectively. Thank you for allowing us to add this valuable video resource to our repertoire of activities.

  - Debbie Stogel Director,
Anti-Defamation League ®Institute

What's included in the OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts Training Program:

3 dynamic segments and 2 Extra Features for you to use as is, or customize for your unique training needs.

Part 1 gives a direct and powerful experience of stereotypes.

Part 2
includes personal stories of why people didn't speak up: don't know what to say, don't want to make a big deal, don't want to sound angry, and many other common reasons for not speaking up.

Part 3
delivers 6 simple examples of how to speak up without blame or guilt. In just 12 minutes, the OUCH video gives a complete experience and understanding of how to speak up without blame or guilt.

Extra Feature 1:
The next section is a 5-minute skill-building section to test participant's ability to identify the demeaning comment and suitable response.

Extra Feature 2
: This version of OUCH includes vignettes in Part 3. This gives you an option for your training session - with or without vignettes.

CD-ROM Leader's Guide:
OUCH offers a lot of value in one package. The Leader's Guide is extensive and will enable you to customize your own training module, print out user materials, even use a PowerPoint presentation in your session.

What's included in the Ouch! Your Silence Hurts Training Program:

1 powerful video with 2 extra feature sections: Skill-Builder stories repeated from the video to give participants a chance to practice the situations:
Story 1: Promotion (54 sec)
Story 2: Service (30 sec)
Story 3: After Work (40 sec)
Story 4: Team Building (40 sec)

And four extra "duet" presentations that each give a different flavor to a conversation between a bystander and a person who's been hurt by stereotypes.
1. When I'm left out, treated as inferior…(1:10 min)
2. When I feel people talking down about me…(50 sec)
3. I would say something if…(40 sec)
4. Trailer for internal promotion of your training (1:40 min)

CD-ROM Leader's Guide:
The Leader's Guide provides all the information necessary to lead Ouch! Your Silence Hurts training. Tab 2 of the Leader's Guide provides a fully-scripted 30-minute session or 60-minute workshop.

The two versions are identical except that the 60-minute workshop includes a Skill-Builder activity. The script is given for your convenience. Feel free to create your own workshop by writing a different narration. Some tips are also given for delving deeper into the Skill-Builder module, which would lengthen the workshop to 75 to 90 minutes. Ideas for using the DVD Extra Features are also included.

Participant Materials:
A six-page Participant Handout is provided for your use. If you are leading the 60-minute workshop, use the full six pages. For the 30-minute session, only one page is needed (Key Concepts / Discussion). For flexibility, handout pages are not numbered. The handout is a color document but can be printed in either color or black & white. Feel free to create your own handouts as well.

Two PowerPoint presentations are included, for the 30-minute session and the 60-minute workshop. There is also a pre-formatted Master Slide that you can use to create additional slides of your own. Slides may be hidden or un-hidden to customize your presentation.

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